slab Neoprene


A general purpose compound with low temperature flexibility and oil resistance manufactured thick and flat. Resists rotting, checking, and cracking due to weather exposure. Commonly used for thick gaskets, padding, skirting, cushioning, machine mounting, wear pads, or stripping rubber material. Great for rubber washers and bushings.

Manufactured & shipped flat to ensure no curling!


Good inherent flame resistance; moderate resistance to oil and gasoline; excellent adhesion to fabrics and metals; very good resistance to weather, ozone and natural aging; good resistance to abrasion and flex cracking; very good resistance to alkalis and acids. 


Poor to fair resistance to aromatic and oxygenated solvents; limited ability at low temperatures. 


Where mild oil resistance and weathering properties are both required (gaskets and washers, seals for doors and windows. 

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