Chesapeake Bay Rubber & Gasket is proud to offer the very best fabricated rubber products from simple stripping to complex molded parts. We utilize in-house capabilities, and relationships with the world’s leading rubber companies, to bring you impeccable rubber parts.


Rubber Stripping


Extruded Products


Chesapeake Bay Rubber & Gasket can strip virtually any rubber product to customer's specified widths for use as door gasket, weather stripping, skirtboard, etc... Corners can be chamfered to account for weld beads in grooves or other imperfections in the sealing surface.
All strip rubber products can be bevelled or chamfered for a more precise fit. The diagram below shows a straight cut cross section, a cross section with the top two corners chamfered, and a knife edge chamfer. Any configuration of these can be produced in house.

Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 9.17.52 AM.png

When ordering stripped rubber the following information is required:

  • Thickness

  • Width

  • Length

  • Desired chamfering or shape

  • Material


Chesapeake Bay Rubber & Gasket’s sealing expertise extends beyond flat gaskets. We can replicate or customize extruded profiles to be manufactured in the material best suited for your application. Uncured rubber is forced through a die of the desired shape under pressure from an extruder. The extruded product is then cured in a heated pressure vessel known as an autoclave. Extruded parts can be made in sizes ranging from 1/8” in diameter to a rectangular cross-section of up to 6” by 12” and in continuous lengths of up to 60 feet. The manufacture of extrusions into circular or rectangular gaskets can be accomplished by means of butt style or corner-vulcanized splices.





Molded rubber products include those made by both compression and transfer molding. These can all be made into homogenous, fabric-reinforced, or rubber-to-metal products. Unique capabilities include our ability to manufacture unusually large, fully molded parts, in molding presses as large as 84” x 108”. Custom Molded Sheet (for gasket cutting) in most elastomers (including fluoroelastomer), to most military and industrial specifications, are also available. Just give us a drawing or sketch, or even an old part, and we’ll take it from there! You may be surprised at how reasonable the cost can be to replace an aftermarket part that you may be currently purchasing from an O.E.M.

  • Rollers

  • Mounts

  • Sheets

  • Cups

  • Balls

  • Seals

  • Bumpers

  • O-Rings

  • Bellows

  • Rubber-to-Metal

  • Wheels

  • Grommets




Moldless System is a specific production system that does not employ metallic molds. Using this system, it is possible to make products for which metallic molds were previously considered indispensable, as well as products that are impossible to make using metallic mold technology. In addition, Moldless system can reduce initial production costs while shortening the time required for production.
Of course, in the case of mass production, there are cases where the use of metallic molds is more efficient. However, the Moldless System is ideal for order-made products and small quantity production runs such as for prototyping, trial products and products with complex shapes that cannot be formed using a metallic mold.

The process offers order-made products with complex shapes and makes them in small quantities. We can do this, thanks to the unique Moldless System, which is highly efficient and cost effective method.

Moldless Manufacturing
No investment cost
No minimum
Short lead times
Parts are easy to revise
Large variety of materials & harnesses