The SELF LOCATOR gaskets are a complete stainless steel containment of a sealing element offering a true compression seal. The patented design gives you long term reliability without flange welding and eliminates misalignment on installation. Due to its universal sizing, one gasket fits all flange pressure classes, eliminating the chance of incorrect gasket selection.

 The most important feature of the gasket is the high unit load generated by the narrow sealing area provides a considerably higher flange clamping pressure and a better seal at a lower clamping force.

 The standard gasket material is 316 SS, with two (2) tracks of Flexible Graphite sealing elements. Specialty gasket material and/or sealing elements are available as options.

Associated with Mil-PRF-32187 TyIII (Ty3).

Key Benefits

  • Ability to cope with severe thermal cycling and vibration

  • Inherent live loading capability

  • Fire, blow-out, and leak proof

  • Superior pressure handling

  • Standardized.... one gasket for all pressure classes

  • Security and safety from installation of incorrect gaskets

  • Lowers total sealing cost

  • Cannot be over compressed

  • No re-torquing required

  • Eliminates fugitive emissions

  • US Navy approved

 316SS body with two tracks of flexible graphite 

Thickness of body: 1/32" (up to 12"), 1/16" (14" and above)

Temperature MAX (atmosphere): 932 degrees F

Temperature MAX (steam): 1200 degrees F

Temperature MAX (inert media): 1830 degrees F

Pressure MAX: 5000 psi

"M" Value: 2.85

"Y" Value: 2900 psi

Minimum Seating Stress: 2900 psi

Maximum Seating Stress: 23,200 psi


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