Chesapeake Bay Rubber offers a large selection of one-way shut-off style couplers for a variety of applications.

OPERATION: Sleeve-type couplings are widely used to connect air and low-pressure fluid lines. Their compact and economical design uses a ball-locking mechanism consisting of captive stainless-steel balls that engage the locking groove on the mating plug. The sliding spring-loaded sleeve on the socket must be manually retracted in order to connect or disconnect the plug.

MATERIAL: Brass body and socket end, zinc-plated steel sleeve

WORKING PRESSURE: 300 PSIG; vacuum to 26” Hg

INTERCHANGEABILITY: Complies with ANSI/NFPA T3.20.14-1990 & IS0 6150-B

Chesapeake Bay Rubber & Gasket also sells these styles of couplers:


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