General purpose gasket sheet


Excellent gasket material with good chemical and petroleum resistance. Excellent sealability in oil, gasoline, mild chemical, water, and other fluid applications. Chesapeake Bay Rubber & Gasket fabricates standard and custom gaskets from this material. See our gasket fabrication page for more info on custom gaskets.

Tensile Strength (psi):2400

Temperature MAX: 430 degrees F continuous, 720 degrees F maximum

M/Y Value:.08t 3.5 / 6500

Pressure MAX:     1000 psi

P x T Max: 1/32", 1/16" 350,000, 1/8" 250,000

Density:1.6 g/cm2

Color:Green/blue, branded/unbranded

Weight (SF, 1/8”): 1.12 lbs

ASTM-D-F104 Call Out:    F711111B4E21M5

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