CORK Rubber


Cork Rubber material is a mixture of first grade granulated cork and a synthetic rubber polymer. This gives the product the high resilience of rubber and the compressibility of cork. It is manufactured by conjoining the cork, glycerin-glue, and a rubber binder under heat and pressure.

The material is typically 70% cork to 30% rubber binder. The rubber is added to provide the ability to seal and provide chemical resistance while helping to resist fungus, acid and weather conditions. It is an excellent material for gaskets and other industrial sealing applications. Cork rubber material is available in a wide variety of rubber options including: EPDM, Natural Rubber, Neoprene®, Hypalon®, Silicone, Viton®, Nitrile (Buna-N) to best suit the chemical resistance requirement of the gasket. The choice of the best blend of cork and rubber with the proper density will ensure that the finished cork gasket or cork product will last for many years in your application. 

Our stock material meets MIL-C-6183B TY 2 CL 1 GR C.


Excellent compressibility & flexibility, wide range of fluid compatibility, good resistance to oil, solvents, and fuels, moderately resistant to fungus, acid, ozone, and weather conditions, resistant to fluid infiltration, reduces levels of transmitted vibration, acoustic insulation, good for low bolt load application, anti-slip and impact-resistant, shock absorber. 

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