MIL-D-24709 DIMFAB 280


DIMFAB 280 is manufactured using a specific elastomeric compound that is designed to meet the MIL-D-24709 Type R-50-21/64 specification for Distributed Isolation Material (DIM). DIMFAB 280 is primarily used by the US Navy for vibration isolation applications in submarines and surface ships. Can be waterjet fabricated to any shape.

Durometer (Shore A): .45 (ASTM-D-2240)
Tensile Strength (psi): 1,800 (ASTM-D-412)
Ultimate Elongation: 350% (ASTM-D-412)
Specific Gravity: 450 degrees F
Weight (per 18" x 18" sheet): 6lbs
Color: Black  
Compressive Strength (10,000psi): Shall Not Rupture

Deflection (50psi): .065" Max

Deflection (75psi): .075" Max

Resonant Frequency (25psi): 27Hz Max

Resonant Frequency (25psi): 22Hz Max

Drift (50psi 336 hours): .008"

Cold Compression Set: 35% Max


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